Our Story...

When I go back to the time that the Lord called Cory and I to sell everything, go mobile, follow Jesus and live on faith, I’m in awe of all God has done. Where do I start? When we heard the call, we began to prepare our home to put on the market. We made a plan, and I chuckle, because there is so much truth to the scripture that says “Man plans his steps, but the Lord directs his path.” We had a “safe” plan, but God had his plans. We had an order to our steps, but God has His Order and “His Ways are not our ways“... as we thought we would be moving, then purchasing and RV, then stepping into full time ministry down the road. But how it has gone so far, is: waiting on God to sell our home, purchasing an RV, and Cory taking a severance package from John Deere as the Lord has led. But, even in this process which seems so foolish to those who are wise, we have seen God’s amazing Hand of provision. We have seen His timing. We have seen Him remain faithful and in control even when we felt scared, nervous, or fearful about stepping into the realm of the unknown. Below is the timeline of our current happenings. As you will see, they are wayyyyy out of order and really put us in a place of trust and submission! Be sure to read to the end for our latest “God we are in awe of you” news!


1. We heard God call us and worked at getting our farmhouse ready for sale. We had a lot of odds and ends of projects to wrap up in order to make this happen. With COVID19 being a thing, it really enabled us to work hard and stay focused.


2. We sat down with our kids and chose the make and model of the RV that we wanted, assuming we would have to travel across the country to get it, after the house sold. Little did we know that two weeks later we would fall upon a FB marketplace listing for the exact make and model we were looking for, right in our area! God said “yes” and we purchased it!


3. The day we went to pick up the RV, an hour before leaving, Cory receives an unexpected email offering him a severance package from John Deere. Oh the timing- it didn’t make sense yet it did! He accepted!


4. We continued to work on our home and finally are ready to place it for sale. We did a post on FB and received our first offer within a week. That offer fell through. Then this sweet family came back for a second walk through and made an offer. They had been praying that if God wanted them to buy our home that our first offer would fall through. We accepted their offer as a contingency and have been waiting for them to sell their home.

5. Our oldest daughter graduates high school, packs up and we move her off to college. Oh, how bittersweet. The emotional roller coaster has been real. Oh the tears of grief that my first baby has left the nest. But I also feel so happy and proud of her! She is like a little grown-up now!

*Update* we now have TWO graduates, and TWO off to college this fall of 2021. We can't believe that we have now two kids out of the nest and on to their next chapter. May the Lord bless them and keep them. 


6. Cory’s job officially ended. He cleans up all the family pics and videos off his laptop and ships everything back to John Deere. They have a farewell gathering for him and he receives a lot of blessings and a lot of closure. 


7. We have a donation-only moving sale. God really blessed our sale! We saw lots of friends and some family. We unloaded a lot of things, and raised $2400 toward our launch! Only God can do all that!!! 


8. And then, the lull. We wait - and let me just say, waiting on God can really expose all the impatience and mistrust that are lurking inside our hearts! Also sometimes, we “freeze” while we wait on God, but He told us to “keep marching forward up the mountain of faith.” He has been teaching us that His Heart toward us is good in every circumstance we encounter as we move forward. Our buyers ran into a major issue that required a repair on their home that would take longer than expected. So we keep waiting. Keep trusting. Keep asking, seeking and knocking. The doubts and fears that the enemy brings when you are waiting on a promise of God, is a real battle that serves as testing ground in our hearts. We have had days of peace and assurance followed by days of “what if’s” and “did we make the right decision”....but God! 

9. Finally, we receive word that their home is officially live on the market, and literally by that evening....they have an offer and are in contract! So they have sold their home in less than 24 hours. We are in AWE of how quickly God came through. He is faithful!!! 

10.  Farewell bonfire: We have our last gathering at our farmhouse. Friends near and far come to celebrate and wish us farewell. The new owners of our home came as well, and we were able to pray for them as they took over ownership. Lots of tears were shed and lots of memories were made. We love our friends and family in Illinois. 

11.) The 11 day journey to Lancaster, CA

We took an 11 day journey from Illinois to California. We stopped in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was a beautiful journey, and we got to see things we have always dreamed of. Driving into the mountains of Colorado is surreal. 

12.) Church parking lot

We knew a friend in California who was doing some ministry work in the city of Lancaster, CA. He invited us to come and see what God was up to there. We landed in Lancaster on October 22, 2020. We had no idea where were going to park our RV. We received a phone call that our friend had met a pastor, whose church parking lot happened to have full RV hookups! This pastor said we could come and stay as long as we needed to. We had no idea the Lord would have us to sit there for 6 months! But during that time, we were cultivating relationships, and God was blessing us with new Kingdom Family. We definitely have fallen in love with the people here in Lancaster, CA! 


13.) Young Adult Pastors

The call of God has always been the same, no matter what region we are in, to reach young people with the Love of God. We stepped into the role of leading young adults with the covering of Hope Chapel. We are seeing lives healed, restored, and set on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit! God is moving in the lives of the young people across the United States. We are called to take back the land that the enemy has stolen. This young generation is called to do mighty exploits in the Kingdom of Heaven! 


14.) Culture Coffee

One of the strategies that God has given us to reach people for Jesus here in California, is a mobile coffee shop. We have been converting a shuttle bus into a fully mobile coffee shop that we will launch into the community. This is a non-profit business, part of Changing the Culture, so every dollar goes back into the ministry to help people and support our mission. We will have the opportunity to pray for people, preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons as we serve them coffee and are expecting to see a great Harvest of souls. We are excited to launch very soon in the near future! 


15.) Contend for my Presence says the Lord

We are contending for a sustainable move of God here in the Antelope Valley of California. The Harvest is ripe here and so we are taking back the land, and declaring that King Jesus is seated on the high places of this valley. Please stand with us in prayer as we continue our assignment from the Lord! 


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