The Pearl of Great Price

As I was preparing for my most recent trip to the ground zero abortion facility in the Supreme Court case to overturn Roe V. Wade, Jackson Women’s Health facility in Jackson, Mississippi, I began to panic. With gas prices so high, my airplane ticket was outrageously priced. As I questioned the Lord quietly in my heart regarding the expense, I heard Him whisper “the Pearl of great price”. Thats it. That’s all I heard him say, but that phrase brought me great peace as I prepared for my travels.

The next day, a friend stopped by from California to see my husband and I on his way to Texas. He stepped out of the car and handed me a bag and said, “My wife was praying for you last night, and she heard the Lord tell her to give you this gift from Maui, and that the Lord wants you to understand the Pearl of Great Price.” My jaw dropped. Utter shock and awe filled me. Only God could have spoke to her what He had spoken to me…and on the same day!

Here is a picture of the beautiful pink Pearl I was gifted:

God is so perfect in all His ways. He is

also very specific. Even the Pearl being pink was amazing, as the abortion facility we travelled to was called the “Pink House” because it is an old building painted pink.

This is just one of the many miracles I will be writing about surrounding my trip to Mississippi.

And the Lord taught me something: the Pearl of Great Price is you, me, every human, every baby in the womb, and every baby that is lost to abortion. We are His Pearls that He died on the cross to have; we are His priceless possessions. Now it’s our turn to follow the call pay the price to see baby’s lives saved, women healed, and the culture changed! What matters to Him should matter to us! God break our hearts for what breaks yours!

So, what’s God calling you to do? What’s your Pearl of Great Price?

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