(2) Step into a New Day...

Wow. Have you heard that song by King and Country called “Burn the Ships”? We heard it a bunch of times on Christian radio, but as soon as we embarked on this new journey with the Lord, that song became our anthem. Selling our home and leaving family and pets to live full time in an RV is definitely like burning ships after landing on an island. I pray we stay the course with the strength of Jesus. After a much needed rest at a friends place we set off on our journey on October 12, which happened to be Columbus Day. We said “goodbye” to our sweet Neil family, which was so bittersweet. They are as close as it comes to family!

I am excited, Cory is nervous to drive the RV all the way across the country, and Jena is crying because she had to say goodbye to her family.

It was hard, and sad yet exciting all at the same time. Not part of the plan but perfectly planned by the Lord, we landed in Amana, Iowa where we learned that Amana was founded by Christians who fled Germany due to religious persecution. They were called Inspirationalists because they followed the believe that one could be inspired and speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. God definitely inspired us to be led by the Holy Spirit on our first stop! Below is a picture of an original Amana Colony home: