New News and a Testimony!

Often, being in full time ministry means that God rearranges your plans, by using your steps to accomplish His purposes and direct your path. This is exactly what happened to us one night, while visiting family in FL for the holidays. We were taking our kids out to see Christmas lights and get hot cocoa from this really upscale gas station in Florida. As we walked into gas station, we noticed a lady outside with no shoes on and ripped clothing. She sat down at an outside table and laid her head down. Cory and I felt the tug of God to go check on her. When we finished getting our kids their hot cocoa we brought it to them, and they also asked, “Are we going to go check on that lady with no shoes?” That was our cue. We approached her, and she was very sweet, gentle and soft spoken, yet very famished. We ordered her a meal and just talked with her, to find out her story. Our kids joined us at the table, and we knew God was going to move. Before long, we ended up praying for this woman to receive Jesus and be healed, and demonic spirits began to manifest as we prayed. A full out deliverance session was happening right in the parking lot of that upscale gas station! Our new friend was being set free from many evil spirits that had been holding her back from her destiny and from being who she was truly called to be- a Daughter of the Most High King Jesus. Not only did our children pray; but our Cami had an unction from the Holy Spirit to lay hands on this woman and cast a spirit out of her. Praise God! The Lord is wanting to use children in this hour. Cars were pulling up and recording us as we prayed for this woman. We don’t know what they thought about what they saw, but we did not feel worried or swayed by that because we wanted to focus on God setting this woman free. After a few hours, her whole countenance had changed and she was in a better place, fully believing that she was a Daughter to the King and that God wanted her free of all oppression from the enemy. We took her to a hotel for the night so we could have time to get her in touch with some area ministries and resources that could continue to help her. We are still staying in touch with her and she is doing much better. No more wandering! God is good and we pray the seeds planted with spring forth in her life.

Here is Cory praying over her toward the end. She was receiving the Fathers Love, literally crying and melting as he prayed.

The most amazing part of that story is that our kids were more overjoyed to watch her get love, healing and salvation, than to go look at Christmas lights. We praise God for our amazing children! (We did take them to look at Christmas lights after that, and a fresh round of hot cocoa)

In American Christianity, we often think that missionary is someone who sells everything they own, and travels to another country to preach the gospel and do other mission-based work. But for us here at Changing the Culture, our backyard, the United States, has become our mission field. There are so many lost, hurting, and dying people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Love for them. 2021 has been a year of amazing opportunities to reach the lost for Jesus. Here are some missional highlights from our year:

-pastored and mentored roughly 25 young adults

-prayed for, fed and sheltered homeless people at hotels

-ministered to women who had been rescued from human trafficking

-serving by distributing food to homeless and pe