(5) Learning how to wait...

Truly, I say to all who are reading this...I am not good at waiting. It’s quite difficult for me. My mind starts to think I am doing something wrong when something isn't happening quick enough for me.

Now of course we know that where there is lack, there is room for growth. So God has been establishing and working on this area in our lives ever since we got to Lancaster. So the wait is on and our prayer is to be strong, take heart, and be courageous as we put our full trust into the lord and what he has for us!

While we continue to wait on the Lord and allow Him to work in our life we had had some amazing Kingdom connections to lean on:

The first one being Hope Chapel! This amazing body of believers has a Kingdom minded pastors in Sean and Kay Appleton! They have a heart for people and understand the meaning of shepherding God’s people. It is because of this couple that we were able to have a safe place to stay for the first 4-6 weeks of our stay here in Lancaster with FULL HOOK UPS! If you get a chance my friends, lift this couple up and cover them in prayer! You can also visit their website and learn more about their church @ www.hope4av.org

We also had the privilege of having dinner with Logan and Vanessa Lizares who lead the “Blue Barn Collective ministry here in Lancaster! Wow - Wow - Wow my friends! This Godly couple has a vision that will inspire the multitudes for generations! But don’t just take my word - Here is a paragraph straight from their website (www.bluebarncollective.com):

The Blue Barn Collective is a home where people can come together for the empowerment and equipping of the lost and broken. It's a place where the motherless and fatherless can find family and home. We are dream chasers and breakthrough fighters. We relentlessly and recklessly pursue the physical manifestation of heaven on earth and the fullness of the love of Christ. We live in community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Being at their home and seeing the community of believers fellowship together was a direct manifestation of Acts 2:42 when it says that the people devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, to prayer, an to the breaking of bread! Truly my friends - if your looking for a ministry to pray for, support, and encourage - This is another one we recommend!

Another Godly Kindom connection was Zachariah and Andrea Rocke! These two will be what I call “Forever Friends”. When we arrived at Lancaster, CA there was a lot of chaos. Many things were being dealt with in the spiritual realm and God established His plans for us to connect with this couple and build a solid fiend ship in mere days.

We even had a chance to drive through the city of Los Angeles and pray against the spirits of oppression over this region. Often times people view “Hollywood” as some type of icon to be adored but this is the reality of what really goes down in this neighborhood. The amount of despair, oppression, drugs, addictions, etc. is overwhelming:

These are not temporary tents but instead these are ”homes” that are built on the sidwalks of shopping centers and apartments.

You see these types of tents throughout the entire city and even into Lancaster, CA which is 60-85 miles away. This is how the homeless live - In tents throughout the entire dessert. It is also said that the government has handed out free alcohol and other drugs to keep the homeless in certain areas to keep from spreading COVID.

This is what stores look like in this part of town.

So all in all, the Rocke’s and us were able to spend 2 hours in the city of Los Angeles praying against the demonic hold that is laid upon the city! We came against the abortion industry, the sex trafficking, the lust and pride of life, drugs and addiction, poverty, despair, spirit of suicide, and many many more.

I could spend a lot more time talking through every special Godencounter that we have had since we got here but let me just sum it up in this: God has provided us with a strong community of believers that have helped encourage us while we wait.

A special thanks goes out to DJ and Tonya Hein for their continued friendship and hospitality! To Mike and Lisa Agnor For their friendship and hospitality and also Jaime (pronounced: ”Hi-May”) and Christina Zavala for their friendship and hospitality!

Truly we are blessed my friends. Please continue to pray and lift us up as we continue to fight the good fight and wait on our Lord for specific strategy from above!

Here are some pictures of us having a good time in the area - Love and Blessings!

Beautiful rock formation right on the ocean. We had the ocean to our front and mountains to our back!

A seal next to us in water! (We were on the pier)

Bella’s first ocean experience! She loved it!

A short ocean experience - The waves were huge compared to what we are used to! Lots of surfers!

That’s it for now friends - Be blessed and stay encouraged - We love you!

- Cory Dye

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