(3) God of the Mountains

After leaving Thurman, IA, we headed toward North Platte, NE, where we spent the night at the world’s largest train yard. They make free overnight accommodations for RV travelers. It is an attraction to train enthusiasts and we could totally see why. There was a lookout tower, and a museum with a gift shop. Below are the kids skipping their way into the museum/gift shop:

Dogs were even welcome in the museum and gift shop! They even had red treats to make them feel right at home!

One of the things I love is how we can homeschool the kids as we stop at places. They learned a lot about the history of railways while we were here And even bought a book about the “Orphan Trains”.

After the tour, we set out for Colorado. We were so excited as we had never been any further west than Nebraska. The mountains were calling our names! It was absolutely incredible to see the gradual change of the landscapes from flat farmland:

To hills...

To the mountains in the distance...

We finally arrived in Colorado Springs around 9pm mountain time and so we unfortunately couldn’t see the beautiful views yet because it was so dark...but glory to God - The next morning - when we woke up this is what our Little eyes got to gaze upon...

It was an incredible blessing to wake up to this view after our long day of travel. The view supercharged us and inspired us to our next destination, The Woodland Forest, where we would spend two nights. We got to the forest where we were on the top of a mountain searching for a site to park the RV. It was pretty full, as it was Friday. We ended up choosing a site next to another RV and I was so worried that we were cramping their space.

But God had plans (Amen!). We met our neighbor, and she was a sweet lady named Katie. We quickly found out that she loved Jesus and had come up to the mountains alone to find Him more. God used my kids who went up and introduced themselves to her. I love how quick they were willing to do that!

What were the chances of us picking a spot next to someone who came alone and was wanting to find more of God? Only Jesus could do that!

We invited her to come over for dinner, she accepted and we were able to pray for her and encourage her on her walk with God.

The next morning, she wrote us the sweetest letter and left us a rock from that mountain top. Here is our “goodbye selfie”:

We also met up with two young men from Illinois that attend Colorado Christian University. Jake has been like a spiritual son to Cory and I for several years. We are so proud of him, and his “yes” to everything Jesus has for him! We met his friend, Matt, for the first time. We were able to go on this amazing hike with them up this mountain that ended at a waterfall.

It was so intense! No one was ready for the change in altitude...we were all out of breath and had to take lots of breaks on the way up that steep hike! Hiking down was so much easier and faster!

The next morning we cooked a big breakfast and prayed over these young men. We commissioned them into their callings and gave them the Father’s Blessing. What an amazing time we had in the Woodland Forest of CO! God did so much ministering on that mountain top.

So our prayer today or all of our friends and family is that you would get to experience the God of the mountains. The God that is capable of all things and who is willing to send a family over 900 miles in an RV to a remote forest in Woodland Springs, CO just to remind someone that they are loved by God! Amen!

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