(4) A Land of Fire and Ice

We drove down the mountain from the Woodland Forest into what seemed to be the longest span of traveling so far in our journey. It seemed to go on and on. Living on faith, we were also still asking God for direction to our next stop. We finally crossed the state line into New Mexico, and found that none of he RV parks were allowing people from other states to park, due to COVID. Below is a picture from a rest stop in NM:

We ended up finding a well-lit truck stop that had a spot for RV parking and we slept there for the night. We were pretty tired and desperate after driving all day long. The next morning, we had clarity, and God gave direction. We found a family-owned volcano park that allowed us to come and park the RV. It was a beautiful place with an inactive volcano and ice cave. We arrived, and we prayed for New Mexico. It feels like a land that needs the love of Jesus so badly. Then we hiked up the side of the volcano and were able to look down into it. What an amazing sight.