(4) A Land of Fire and Ice

We drove down the mountain from the Woodland Forest into what seemed to be the longest span of traveling so far in our journey. It seemed to go on and on. Living on faith, we were also still asking God for direction to our next stop. We finally crossed the state line into New Mexico, and found that none of he RV parks were allowing people from other states to park, due to COVID. Below is a picture from a rest stop in NM:

We ended up finding a well-lit truck stop that had a spot for RV parking and we slept there for the night. We were pretty tired and desperate after driving all day long. The next morning, we had clarity, and God gave direction. We found a family-owned volcano park that allowed us to come and park the RV. It was a beautiful place with an inactive volcano and ice cave. We arrived, and we prayed for New Mexico. It feels like a land that needs the love of Jesus so badly. Then we hiked up the side of the volcano and were able to look down into it. What an amazing sight.

We prayed at the volcano, asking God to open up the depths of his fiery love over New Mexico and for there to be an explosion of His Presence and fire that hold come burn away all iniquity in New Mexico. We hiked down the volcano and went to the ice cave, which had formed after lava tubes insulated the earth and the ice cave formed. We learned that over 3000 year old ice is in that cave. We asked God to release the water of His Spirit over New Mexico in that ice cave.

We then toured the gift shop and learned that this park had been inherited by 4 generations of family. The sweet lady, Debbie, told us a story of how her great great great grandpa had been captured by the Apache Indians and then sold to the Pueblo Indians. As an adult, he met his wife, a white women, yet no one would accept him because he acted and dressed like an Indian. So he took his wife and children, and fled to Concho, Arizona. When Debbie shared this with us, we were shocked because God had showed us to go to Concho, AZ next! An amazing confirmation. Below is an aerial view of the volcano:

The next morning, we set off for Concho, Arizona. The GPS took us on a highway that gave us views of beautiful desert landscapes and rock formations.

We were also super excited to drive through Navajo Nation and take in the humble sites of the Indian Reservations. The roads that lead to the reservations were closed to the public, due to COVID, but we were able to pass through the checkpoints and continue on despite road closures. To respect the privacy of the Navajo Nation, we won’t share pictures. We recommend traveling there-it will change your heart toward these beautiful people. It is worth the time to go take in a piece of history that often is under-taught. Below we were greeted by a super friendly Native American officer who joyfully allowed us to pass through:

We finally reached Arizona and traveled through until we reached our RV site. The Lord had us rest in Arizona to get acquainted with surrounding towns and scout out some land. Below is a picture of the beautiful land we scouted out in Concho, AZ:

Our time in Arizona was awesome and we can’t wait to go back again! Until we meet again though, we declare over you today God’s baptism of fire and his ever lasting water would enrich Your souls today in Jesus Name. Amen!

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