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Our Story...


          In 2020, God called our family to sell everything we own and go mobile. This entailed selling our beautiful farmhouse in the countryside of Western Illinois, saying "goodbye" to our oldest daughter who left for college, and Cory leaving his job at John Deere Harvester. As we took the steps and obeyed the Lord, God met us and blessed us with each and every step, and He moved FAST on our behalf. We heard this call in April of 2020, and by October we embarked on our new journey. 

          God ordained for an 11 day journey, where we landed in Lancaster, California. At first, didn't quite understand WHY God sent us there, or how long we would be staying. We ended up staying in Lancaster for a little over a year. During this time, we learned so much, being in a state with a completely different culture than we knew living in the Midwest. We preached the gospel, did pro-life work, ministered to the homeless, fed the hungry, and pastored several young adults in the city. It was an incredible time of learning, growing, and being stretched in our faith. 


          At the end of 2021, God said it was time to leave California-that He was taking us to a Promised Land to rest, reset, and relaunch. In ways that only He can, God catapulted us to the Phoenix, Arizona where we would rest until he eventually called us back to the midwest region in August of 2022.  

          Once we arrived back in Illinois, the Lord made it clear that we were to cultivated the ground and plant a church.  Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on everything that we have going on @ #ChangingtheCulture

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