Culture Coffee is one of the creative ways Changing the Culture preaches the gospel.  The vision is quite clear:  To change the culture: one cup of coffee @ a time.  To do this we purchased a shuttle bus and converted it into a mobile coffee unit (Special thanks to Sean Appleton and Team from Hope Chapel in Lancaster, CA for all their hard work in helping convert the vehicle over) and plan to travel to parks and events to serve the community coffee and prayer. Alongside the shuttle bus mission we can cater events and sell our coffee beans right here online. 

     Every single time someone purchases from Culture Coffee they will hear that God Loves them while also asking how we can pray with them and encourage them.  These are pivotal to the message of serving the community through the eyes and heart of Jesus Christ.

     Consider becoming a monthly partner by purchasing a subscription to one of our coffee/teas available to you through our storefront here!