Let's talk about it


This page is currently under construction but we plan on publishing it on January 1st, 2022!!!

Covid-19 Screening

Vaxx, Mask, COVID, Fear...

Let's talk about it.  Is the vaccine for everyone?  Should you wear a mask?  Is this is pandemic or a PLANdemic? What about fear?

Loving Couple


High School Friends

High School Youth Groups!

Let's talk about it...Are we doing enough?  Have we become so much like the world that we can't even tell the difference anymore between a Christian and an Atheist? 

Crowd Protesting

Not my President!

Let's talk about it.  A lot of Christians disagree with our President and talk negative about his viewpoints on things like abortion, marriage, etc.  Does that give us the right to criticize and talk negative about him?  What can we take away from Joseph Pharaoh, and Potiphar?  What exactly is our role as Christians when it comes to politics?